Masha is currently working on writing her own music. And very happy about it as you can see.



Past Achievements


Travelled and played all over New Zealand

In the past year of 2018 Masha travelled through New Zealand and performed at various bars and open mics throughout the country.


Opener for musician Jadea Kelly

In the summer of 2017, Masha opened for musician Jadea Kelly and her band at the Old Church Theatre in Canada. 


Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Montreal

On July 23rd & 24th 2016, Masha performed at the Melting Pot stage at Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, QC.


Winner of the County Canteen Idol Competition

In the winter of 2016, Masha won the County Canteen Idol competition amongst other local talent. Judged by Astrid Young (left).


Winner of the County's Next Star Competition

This summer, Masha was one of three musicians to win the County's Next Star video challenge and performed at the County Terroir cheese and wine festival.


Canada Day Festival with 99.3 County FM

On July 1st this summer, Masha performed at the Picton Canada Day festival in Prince Edward County. 


Open Mic Host at Traynor Family Vineyard

Throughout the summer, Masha has been hosting open mic afternoons at the Traynor Family Vineyard in Prince Edward County. 


Played all around Prince Edward County

Throughout the past couple years, Masha has performed at several local venues, pubs, wineries and weddings around Prince Edward County. 

Venues include Three Dog Winery, Traynor Family Vineyard, Agrarian Speakeasy & Bistro, the County Canteen, County Cider Company and the Drake Devonshire hotel. 

Photo taken at the Agrarian. 


Street performed in Piazza Santa Maria, Rome

Camden Town, London England

Masha first sang with a microphone in front a small crowd in Camden Town market in England with musicians NyOh and Roaman in the summer of 2015, then began her journey street performing across England, then Italy. 

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